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Tramshed & eve spencer

[Translated] The visit to Tramshed restaurant is already highly recommended, both for its menu as the artsy atmosphere, which has as its core the Cock installation in Bull(top), by artist Damien Hirst. But during the LDF there was another reason to include in the script such an address, located in the heart of Shoreditch district: exposure Untamed Company, the artist Eve Spencer, which occupies the hall in the basement restaurant... View Article

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eve spencer Presents 'Untamed Company' at Mark Hix' Tramshed Cock n Bull Gallery

Coinciding with London Design Festival and Shoreditch Design Triangle during September 2015, the hotly anticipated residency Untamed Company by Helen Spencer offers an intriguing narrative on the relationship between art and design. Visitors are promised a majestic, untamed experience of the creative inspiration that vitalises the artist’s family-run design house Untamed Company will see the traditional art setting of a formal gallery transformed into a decoratively staged spectacle, with Spencer’s protagonists cast through paintings, artwork and installations designed to encourage guests to pause, speculate and dream by challenging their own perceptions.  

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Releasing our newest Avant-garde design 'Smoke'

Inspirational in their courage and knowledge, salmon are honoured as ancient sacred symbols of wisdom. The Celts describe a Salmon of knowledge, large and powerful, embodying the golden glow of the sun in its flesh. Native Americans consider them symbolic of determination, renewal, and prosperity.          

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Launching our newest Quintessential design 'Shuttle'

Birds of the sporting world. This design is from a player's aspect, a blur of volleys, service and return, suspended in the fore and middle distance. A volley of volleys, each shuttle captures a frame in time, a moment in motion. The light, fragile structure of the shuttlecock yields a short life span, this 'portrait' celebrates the shuttlecock at its peak.

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Forecast September 2014

In partnership with Floorstory, eve spencer will be releasing four limited edition high quality hand-made rugs from September 2014.                    

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Tis the season! December 2013

Celebrate with Christmas gift ideas from eve spencer Five Limited edition giclee reproductions are crafted with the highest quality non-fade pigment, maximum colour gamut inks. produced on William Turner textured paper complete with a simple but striking professional Artist's portfolio.

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