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Untamed Company - Hix' Tramshed, Cock 'n' Bull Gallery

  London is a pulsing, racing bustling, HUNGRY city and a melting hotpot of culture, character and commotion. I love the awake, alert, drama of London and Shoreditch more particularly. Anything goes here. The rules are for establishing. It's constantly in flux, moving, changing, shifting, thriving and humming with activity.It's gritty, urban with pockets of wild. I love the chance gestures and random occurrences this environment offers up. So when the opportunity to exhibit at CnB Gallery arose I was immediately engaged. Shoreditch is the epitome of my artistic interest, practice and approach: UNTAMED, UNEXPECTED, SURREAL, AVANT GARDE, DISTINCTIVE, RIOTOUS, ESCAPE & PAUSE.

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eve spencer Presents 'Untamed Company' at Mark Hix' Tramshed Cock n Bull Gallery

Coinciding with London Design Festival and Shoreditch Design Triangle during September 2015, the hotly anticipated residency Untamed Company by Helen Spencer offers an intriguing narrative on the relationship between art and design. Visitors are promised a majestic, untamed experience of the creative inspiration that vitalises the artist’s family-run design house Untamed Company will see the traditional art setting of a formal gallery transformed into a decoratively staged spectacle, with Spencer’s protagonists cast through paintings, artwork and installations designed to encourage guests to pause, speculate and dream by challenging their own perceptions.  

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Clerkenwell Design Week 21-24th May 2013

Amid the hustle and bustle of Clerkenwell Design Week, in the normally peaceful nave of The Order of St John Church on St John’s Square, a new name for London’s highly regarded design scene is making a very distinctive mark on visitors to the show. With a frank boldness it feels that many modern interiors lack, eve gives a nostalgic nod to the character and expression found in the 1950s home.

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