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About Us

eve spencer is a British art and design house born in the art districts of East London. It was founded by current Creative Director and Central Saint Martins fine art graduate Helen Lucy Eve Spencer,
who the prestigious school's council famously labelled, 'one to watch’.

The design house proudly and fondly takes its name from the recurrence of Eve throughout 
four generations of women in her family.

Her work for the eve spencer design house is a product of her lifetime in London’s pulsing art districts, in the East of the city. Each design begins life as a piece of art on canvas, before being transformed into patterns and lifestyle applications that make for a sumptuous celebration of life and nature, in all its awesome honesty.

From exclusive farmhouses in Luxembourg to homes, hotels and restaurants here in Britain, eve spencer has had the privilege of transforming interiors, challenging and banishing banality in its path. 

The design house finds its voice and expression in the suspended animations, oscillations, formations, witticisms, and riotous, untamed story telling of nature.  
Prints of geometrically aligned creatures whose beauty belies their reputation; rich, colourful montages that rustle with autumnal leaves, and regimented vegetables that you can almost taste - the collection is for those who really see the wonder of life itself.