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Launching our newest Quintessential design 'Shuttle'

eve spencer launch Shuttle

This design is from a player's aspect, a blur of volleys, service and return, suspended in the fore and middle distance. A volley of volleys, each shuttle captures a frame in time, a moment in motion. The light, fragile structure of the shuttlecock yields a short life span, this 'portrait' celebrates the shuttlecock at its peak.                                                                               

Badminton is full of mathematical patterns and repeats, parabolas and arcs. It also has hypnotic characteristics. The pace and rally of badminton can be mesmerizing, even the flick, stroke, smash, and drop sounds of play, have a meditative resonance. It seems somehow, quite a polite and civil sport. Certainly it feels composed like a fine piece of music if the players are well matched.
Ive always had a particular appreciation for the shuttlecock’s aesthetic and more latterly the physics. So called, for its back-and-forth motion resembling that of a loom shuttle, otherwise known as the bird, it takes its lead from Nature's aerodynamics. It’s a fine piece of engineering; with a natural unerring inclination to fly cork first, regardless of its given trajectory. The design contrasts a manmade cork nose for direction with a natural goose feather skirt for flight. The player brings the drive.