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Releasing our newest Avant-garde design 'Smoke'

eve spencer release smoke

Inspirational in their courage and knowledge, salmon are honoured as ancient sacred symbols of wisdom. The Celts describe a Salmon of knowledge, large and powerful, embodying the golden glow of the sun in its flesh. Native Americans consider them symbolic of determination, renewal, and prosperity.  

The Salmon Run
Salmon make extraordinary journeys, travelling hundreds of miles upstream against strong currents and rapids in order to reproduce. Well documented in folklore and since proven, salmon have a homing instinct and return to the exact spot where they were born, to spawn. They have an unusual ability to adapt from freshwater inhabitants to saltwater sea-dwellers and back once more to riverside residents. As a keystone species, salmon boast a disproportionately large and positive effect on their environment. Worth celebrating!


From apparent chaos, springs order. There is a pattern in their abundance, amid this display of confusion.
A rite of passage, this design anticipates the salmon run, as they prepare with expectant excitement to journey back to their breeding grounds, darting amongst themselves in all directions, frantic yet graceful. It captures the moment before they formally assemble, illustrating the gathering, the energetic movement and the potential.

        eve spencer Giclee Print Hero : Smoke